The game of poker , its a love hate relationship for the most part. It can be a roler coster ride that is a lot of fun or leave you wanting to vomate being to vile.One thing that i have learned from poker is to never give up. Never stop learning and make calculated risks that should pay of in the long run.

I dont think i have ran into one poker player that said he i want to lose at poker but it happens even to the good poker players. I dont think poker is going to get very much harder then it is now so if you can learn to beat the games then at least you can say bin there done that.

number one mistake poeple make is bankrole managment. It is the key for winning poker in the long run and any winning poker player will tell you this. If you are playing poker you should have money in your account to counter the veriance the downswings that can come with poker. This also means that if for example you are playing 1$ tourneys mtts you should have at least 100-200 times what you are buying in for if the fealds of players are bigger. 

If you are still losing then there are leaks in your game that need plugging. Most winning players have HUD's (heads up dispay) if you are taking the game serously then a HUD is a must. What does a HUD do for me, it tells me how to beat even good players and bad players even more. If you dont know anything about HUD's then start out basic and add stats as you go along. not all huds are alowed so if you are going to buy one go to pokerstars website that tells you the allowed add-ons and the banned list 

so bankrole managment + ev 

so HUD +ev

ev= expected value 

Quote of part 1

there are three types of people in the world. 

1. the people that care = change things for the better

2. the people who dont give a crap = let things fall apart

3. the people that dont know what is going on = victums of 1.

Im Canadain so if i offened you in any way Sorry , now im off to watch hockey, have maple sirup on my pancakes, as i have Canaidian bacon