My best momemt on Pokerstars occurred quite a few years ago.  Pokerstars was one of the first sites that I played on and I enjoyed playing there. The site had a contest that was a Step program. A person had to win all the steps in order to win the grand prize which was a ticket to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas!  This ticket was for the last game in the series; I think it was the $10.000.00 buyin event. So I decided to try to win a ticket to the World Series. It would be the greatest honor in the poker world to be able to play in the last game of the series.

Each Step game was a single table no limit holdem game; to my outmost astonishment, I won the first game!  As I was not a very good player, I thought it was an accidental win and so I waited for the next game. The next day, I was on pins and needles until the game started.  And lo and behold, I won again!

You know, this just could not happen to a newbie at poker playing, especially at such a great site as Pokerstars. So again I waited for another game; I could only play one a day because I was busy working and taking care of my family.  The game came and here I go.  Another win!

I had to win nine games to get to the final one and after winning three in a row, I thought - this cannot be true! 

The fourth game came and went.  I won.

The fifth game came and went and I won.

You know, I think Pokerstars just wants me to win!  No way a dummy such as myself can win this many games in a row. They must really like me!  Here are the sixth and seventh games and the gods are with me.  I won again and again.

The week went by.  I read up on all the best ways to play Sit and Go tournaments on Pokerstars.  They had many lessons on playing the correct way and I read all that I could find, hoping they would help me to continue my winning streak.

The eighth and ninth games went the same way; I also won them!

Then came the final game.  I could not sleep the night before and the excitement was almost too much to bear. The game started and I waited for a good hand.  The first prize was a ticket and spending money to fly to Las Vegas. Second and third paid cash, and fourth gave out tournament money.

I was dealt AK suited and thought that was a pretty good hand so I raised.  One player called and the flop came. A, Q and a small card. I bet out, the other player raised.  Huh! I reraised, was called.  The turn and river found me allin and he turned over QQ for the winning hand. 

Although I lost the game, I shall never forget my lucky run!