In my first year of playing of playing poker while stationed in Iraq, I was able to pull in 15k, needless to say that individuals could pull out $350 a month on a deployment. When I came back, I won 16k on UB and since then have been on the downswing for the most part. I recently decided to try to fix my game on my own with free knowledge online, and by doing so, won 20k in 6 days. Since I have bills, I need to pay those so I am back to zero which I just learned the proper way of bankrolling. What I am trying to say is, does anyone know of any pros that are willing to coach in return of a 50% return profit of up to, say 6 months? I know I possess the skills needed but just do not have enough bank to do so. I have been in a strain for a long time from helping my family, and you all know we don't make much in the being in the Army. Thank you