I just wanted to make a very short post on how I am feeling right now, seeing as I went and started this Blog entry with scores and goals, I feel encumbered on continuing my "quest" even when playing one tournament tonight feels like running a marathon in order to warm up.

These are the days I mentioned yesterday, the ones where the inspiration to play 4 hours of poker is the furthest thing in my mind.

Now I'm not going to start feeling guilty about the way I feel, because my body told my mind to chill out.

I never planned on playing every single night, I said 5 would be enough and I am so glad that I posted that.

Playing right through Saturday, Sunday and Monday was great, but I need to "re-charge" and this is how I am going about it.............by writing it down here for all to see.

So I'm going to have a nice supper, watch a few shows or maybe a movie and tomorrow I will continue with how my Mission Week is going.

1834 points are now 1880 - just for record keeping purposes. 2190 points is the destination.

Hope you all have a nice evening wherever you are and will chat again tomorrow.

Night all.