Hi All,  Long time since I have posted a blog entry - but I have something worthy to share with all of you and to give me the inspiration that I am always talking about.

As they say "Talk is cheap", so here is my 2014 Goal that I have set for myself and by writing about what I am hoping to achieve is something that I used to do and it worked back then so why did I wait so long before writing again. Who knows? - In fact wondering about the past can make a person complacent, but having a goal/plan or dream is what makes life worth living.

Below is a record of my thoughts over the last few days and I want to be able to look back at this post in the future because I know how important this feels to me right now and I feel inspired.

My Goal.

One needs around 2175 open skill league points for a top 500 finish.

My current score is 1834 so I need another 345 odd points before 31 December 2014.

Today is 22nd december 2014.

So I have around 9 days @ minimum of 38 points a day.

I normally only have time for long tournaments on the weekends, but with 25th and 26th being holidays, I have around 5 full days to get these points.

The picture below is a record of how I am sitting on 1834 points (and a possible Big Bang entry if I finish in the top 400 in my next Open Skill Tournament).




So after playing this weekend, I need to find the inspiration to grind out points and it isn't exciting stuff, in fact the less excitement (in the Open Skill League), the easier the task will be.

I need to remind myself of this and also remind myself that if I don't register and put in the hours, I won't reach my objective.

Seems so simple after a weekend session of poker, however the inspiration needs "re-charging" and this Goal of mine kinda just occured to me about 10 days ago, but actually recording my thoughts again in a blog entry is all the "fuel" I need.

So it is simple, yet not that easy.

But I want to get back into the Premier League for January 2015 and it is all there on the table, I just have to grab it and not let go.

I will update this blog entry over the next few days working on reaching a top 500 spot in the Open Skill League to gain entry to the Premier League again.

So my goal for 2014 is set..........   Rather late than never,   Cya