Hi All


After reading Ashalina77's blog a few days ago,


I just had to record these 12 hands for the record.

I wanted to record them visually,  you will understand if you watch them.

The point being.......................this happens more often then we tend to remember.

We dwell on the "bad runs" we have, and tend to forget these "runs" - probably because we didn't get action, or didn't win, or busted etc............


Why not rather remember all these hands? 

Volume pays off, it just happens more often than we think it does.

So when it all happens in one STT, it made posting them using the "Hand Replayer" tool 


very easy and quick and I felt it was my duty to post them to help kickstart the "Thinking Positive" issue, but it is factual and not just "hope" - Volume is positive - check it out and remember how many times this has happened when you've played, and if it isn't happening, then ............put in the volume and watch it happen.


Hands # 17-43-45-53-57  eg. below Hand 1 is the 17th hand of the STT, Hand 2 is the 43rd etc)

I mean AA then KK then AK then AA then etc..... just so happened that they all arrived in one STT, and this isn't an isolated case, just one that I wanted to save in a blog so I can add to this topic in the future.



Hands # 58-71-74-79-87


Hands # 88 and 89



There it is..... almost as if I had written the script for a "mindset/volume" explanation.



I did win it,  but this isn't about that at all.  

Hope you all get what I'm trying to say and thanks again Ashalina77, I wish I could attach this to your blog as visual reinforcement to all the sceptics or worried players out there.


Cya next time.