Hi All

From the very beginning I've said non-turbo NLHE MTTs is my best game, and what I thought I needed to do in order before taking them on here,  on PokerStars.

And all these "ideas put into practice" can be viewed in my previous blog entries (December 2013 - February 2014).

I knew I could play MTTs (non-turbo) well,  but needed to be able to play them well on PokerStars.

I am so glad I made all the decisions I have shared in my previous blogs,  and feel I am ready to play the poker I have been wanting to play here on Stars.

I feared that I lacked the stamina for tournaments that lasted at least 4 hours,  but decided that the 8th Anniversary of the Sunday Million would be the time to start.

So just as a "warm-up" I saw that the $1.50 knockout 90 man SnGs had 15 minute levels and an "ok" starting stack. So I registered in two of them.

One ended pretty quickly (no regrets), the other one took much longer.

Seeing as though I was probably going to be playing in this SnG for another 3 hours (best case scenario), I registered for the $1.10  GTD$2.5k  MTT which had 10 minute levels and a 3k starting stack.

Most of my concentration was on the 90 man SnG,  but I still was doing my best to make the right decisions in the larger MTT at the same time.

Result of 90 man =  02 Mar 2014  $1.50  90 entrants - finished  2nd  $18 .

It lasted around 3 hour 47 minutes.

After that game finished I felt good, but still had around 30BB in the $2.5kGTD MTT and decided to just play that one on its own.

It lasted around 7 hours but was worth every second.

Result = 02 Mar 2014  $1.10  2961 entrants - finished 5th  $127.


This was "huge" for me and my bankroll.

I stuck to my bankroll management boundries and will continue to do so.

So from now on the volume I am going to be putting in,  is finally going to be with my favourite type of tournament on a pokersite that is improving my game every time I register.

EDIT :  -  3 hours after my nice cash - I get a note to collect my PokerStars T-Shirt.   Now if that isn't a "cherry on the top" I don't know what is.


I hope some of you understand the reason for the whole 4 month "training" that I put myself through and maybe it  could help someone who reads this.

Will update this weekend's results in a few days.