Hi guys




Here's a quick update before the Big Bang tournament.

The details below are all the Multi table SnG's and a few MTTs.

The graph and the table at the bottom of this blog are not up to date (FPDB crashed on me and I just put in what I had recorded for a little bit of "eye candy".

But the breakdown below is pretty straight forward and comes from the "player audit" in the PokerStars client.

The table at the bottom doesn't show all the non cashes, that's why I added the text below.

This is from 27th January to today.  I hope to be adding some more results by the end of the weekend.

I felt I needed to "psych" myself up for tonight's Big Bang and this blog is getting my mind right .


I played.................................


Nine     $1  90 man turbos

Cashed 5 times  $29.10   -$4.00   =   $25.10


Twenty two .50c 90 man turbos


Cashed 3 times     $4.97  -$9.50  =  -$4.53



Five  .50c 45 man turbos


Cashed twice          $4.04  -  $1.50   =  $2.54



Thirteen .50c 180 man turbos


Cashed three times      $2.25  -  $5.00   =  -$2.75


Twenty nine .10c 360 man turbos


Cashed four  times     $1.88  -  $2.50  =  -$0.62


Ten .02c 990 man hyper turbos


Cashed once     $0.25  -  $0.18  =   $0.07


Nine  .10c      $50 Gtd MTTs


Cashed twice   $2.12  -  $0.70  =  $1.42




Cashes         $44.61

Non cashes  -$23.38









The above graph includes my STTs which showed a loss of around $7 and also has a few MT SnG non cashes, I think, I gave up on FPDB and that's the reason for the details at the start of this post.

So I'm looking forward to the "Big Bang" tournament in 2½ hours time.

I'm so glad I'm getting back into the multitable events and seeing results ($1   90-man is strongest, but I did finish 12th out of about 3560 in the $50 Gtd 0.10c tournament which IMO was my best result so far.


So this is the end of the "Friday/early Saturday" update, and I will post a second part at the end of the weekend.


Hope you are all well and good luck to all playing in the BB later on.




EDIT : Here's an update of how the "Big Bang" tournament went for me...........



oh well,  moving on.........