As I said in my first post ..........


"I'm going to record all my  $1.50 STT results as an experiment and a learning tool for myself and 1st December seems like a good place to start."

And 8th December seemed like a great place to stop. (the data "mining", not the playing....      )

So I'm just going to record the final numbers at the bottom of this post.

Besides the "data", I learned so much about how the "regs" (especially a certain group of them) play these STTs,  just by playing against them.  I had no idea how "transparent" their play is (most of the time), but this last week and this "STT data goal" or whatever,  woke me up to so many spots that I never saw in the past.

I mean I watched all the trainers showing me in the live training sessions, I've read about it in all the tutorials and blogs out there, but I needed to actually "Do it" myself in a live online game before I actually fully understood.
I thought I knew what the trainers were saying and I would adapt my game etc.  but as they say "the smallest action is infinitely larger than the biggest intention", and this last week woke me up and I am starting to understand it in a way that makes sense to me.

I started to pick up so many "pots" that I would have totally ignored in the past.

This is huge for my game (you have no idea how valuable this is for my confidence etc).

I would never have fully understood this if it wasn't for this  "STT blog project" that I started last week.

It was purely a "fact finding" mission with solid data for me to learn from, but it forced me to put in the hours and by physically trying to "re-steal" or whatever you want to call it got me to see how much value I've been missing out on.

So by picking up on this, I now know what to do in those spots that always seemed to get the better of me in the past.

I was far too passive, but I didn't know how to overcome that until I physically started to play back at them in these spots (because I saw other players doing it, and I gave it a shot - it's that simple  I wasn't paying attention to my opponents as what I thought I was, and man they just "muck" their hands. Over and Over and Over again.

This set of STT's was definitely not my best, but I just wanted to record as many in succession as possible.

So I decided to stop at the end of the Golden SnG Promotion week.

The totals below are from the latest 85 STTs I played. Win or lose they are all included. 

They are all the $1.50  9man STTs with 10 minute blind levels.

As I said in my first post, this is an experiment of data recording and I just wanted to save it for future improvement.

I do miss playing my MTT's and MTT SnG's, so I'm not going to be pounding the STT's like I have been the last week.

I just had to go through it in order to have the stats on hand for my poker journal/diary and mindset.

I did manage to accumulate 102 VPP's in the last week, which is great.  It took me a month to do that before, so by doing this experiment, I got an answer to a few questions that I wasn't really asking,  as well as,  a part of my game I was totally ignoring.

1. "How to get 150VPP's for my return to the Premier League?"


2. "How to take advantage of a weakness that has plagued my game by hopefully turning it into a strength by learning when to implement this and when not to", this will be an ongoing learning process, but the process has started and I haven't even mentioned the Stats or Data yet...............but I'm just so happy I have started to see how important this aspect of the game is, I've still got a lot to learn, which is fantastic.

90% of the 85 STT's that I played this last week was without the knowledge that I picked up in the last 6 or so games.

How to re-steal, and also, how and when not to.  

OK on to the stats summary (if anyone is interested I will share the spreadsheet with all 75 listed but didn't think it was necessary for this post) ..

I have no idea if these results are good or bad or what to do with this info at this point in time, but at least I have all of it available for the future.

Anyway, here is the final breakdown of the week and the 85 - $1.50 STT's that I played.... and I've included the results table at the bottom.

Started   15h44 ET on December 1st
Finished 00h00 ET on December 9th

I finished In The Money 38 out of 85 STTs or 44.7 %

Of that 44 %

  9  Wins
20 Second Places
10 Third Places

Return on Investment for the 85 STTs equals 15%.

BUT the knowledge of understanding the "re-steal" is priceless.

Thanks guys.




EDIT : I've been struggling with the image below. If it isn't viewable then please use the link to see the original if anyone is interested or just let me know and I'll email the original Jpg to you.