It just didn't go my way this month in the Premier League.

I can say, " I'm glad,  what a relief,  these things happen,  work through it,  open league opportunities etc".  But hurts.

November has been a very difficult month at the tables for me.

My mindset has been put to the test throughout November.

I'm just so grateful that I've stuck to my basic Bank Roll Management path and even though November was a loosing month (about 12% knock to my BR),  it could've been so much worse.

So December can now give me some new opportunities that I've never tried before, like The Open Skill League for example. It will be a "humbling" experience, but I know it will be a VITAL one that I need to learn with an open mind.

Even though November has left me with a few bruises, there was something that completely overpowered any doubt that came with these punches, and that was the news that my hand histories for my STT that I sent in for a review by Dave aka "TheLangolier", was going to be used in a Live Training NOVEMBER.

This was just awesome for me, I don't have any other words to describe how I felt during that session.

It was 3am when it started and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was afraid, excited and enthralled all at the same time..................and it was about poker............and so many PSO members that I look up to as "mentors" where there watching. I just felt like this is my home, my support and my "safe-house".
Sounds so clichè, but that's what it felt like.

The Premier League and the November "grind" just evapourated from my mind at 20:00ET on 27 November 2013,  (03:00am local time on the 28 November), I was young again, this was something new, something free and something priceless.

Thank you so much Dave for the opportunity and thank you to all of you guys/gals (even Ros's sister   )  - for sharing those 85 odd minutes with me. You have no idea how rewarding it was for me.

Really don't know what else to say for now..............except ....... thank you so much PSO.