Hi Everyone.


It's been a long but enjoyable weekend of poker.

Last month I managed to guarantee my Premier League spot by playing only 5 tournaments in the first 10 days of the month. This month I'm going to have to finish like "Sea Biscuit".

As I've said before, the term "bad beat" or "unlucky" has been erased from my mind while playing poker, so I'm not going to moan or cry about getting it in good and not winning or about this happening in the first 4 hands of 3 PL tournaments in a row over the last few days.

These things happen, so I decided that I'm going to have to put in the volume this month in order to get "the stats" back on track. I need to score at least 125 points by the end of the month to stay in the League, but I've got nothing to lose and will use the Qualifier League if necessary...so I will "cross that bridge" if I need to..........   but let's move things along......

.......Besides the Premier League I've been playing my STT's and Satellites for Micro Millions.

The tournament I really wanted to play was the $8.80 Progressive Super-Knockout (event 022).

I decided to spend $1.65 in a field of 85 players with 14 satellite seats to the above event. and this is what happened.

Rank  Poker Player     Prize Won 
  1.  55snowy55     $8.80 
  2.  Jackel77     $8.80 
  3.  Pein190     $8.80 
  4.  PitterPiper     $8.80 
  5.  Roelof40     $8.80 
  6.  SUPERNOIVA     $8.80 
  7.  chelembeev     $8.80 
  8.  dpsd05     $8.80 
  9.  krkouni0     $8.80 
  10.  mpsfz     $8.80 
  11.  nanaxa     $8.80 
  12.  nina1002     $8.80 
  13.  polo575     $8.80 
  14.  spider.newry     $8.80 
  15.  slettuce     $4.30

Ok, I gave it a shot and made a profit, but was disappointed for about 5 minutes then moved on.

I played a few of the bigger field and smaller buy-in ones for about $2 in total and then decided to forget about Event 022.

This was all going on at the same time that I was getting butchered in the Premier League, but I have to work through these situations with the right mindset and that's why I played an average of 9 hours a day for the past 3 days.

So on Saturday after the long grind I noticed a 5FPP re-buy satellite for Event 032 - The $11 Sunday Storm Special and thought I would be silly not to at least give it a try.

This is what happened....


As you can see buy my "artwork", this meant so much more than $11 to me and "kept the inspiration alive" in the one tournament that I was expecting nothing from.  It was very rewarding and a great way to end Saturday and get a few hours sleep before hitting the Premier League again on Sunday.  I should also add that my timezone is ET + 7 hours, if you look at the time the above tournament ended you'll notice how late it was, but this didn't stop me spending about another 45 minutes "decorating" my lobby result page....    yup, that's what my eyes probably looked like....lol.

Ok, so I decided to cash in the ticket for T$11.  With my small bankroll that I've managed to build up from the beginning of June this year from $0,  was back to around  $75 after all the STT's and Satellites and the inclusion of the T$11.

It wasn't a difficult decision to make simply because firstly the $11 buy in is way out of my league, and also the thought of a 10 hour tournament against 48694 players in the hope of "hitting it big" is a sure fire way to go broke.

When I am ready, I'll play the Sunday Storm, it happens every week.

So I finally posted this in the "brag" thread and went to sleep.

On Sunday I played a couple of Premier League tournaments but didn't score any big points. I didn't loose many either.......... I've pasted those results below.

Date  Participants  Position  Start  Scored  End
2013-11-17 20:00(ET)  173  93  1434.89  -3.55  1431.34
2013-11-17 14:00(ET)  468  184  1433.72  1.17  1434.89
2013-11-16 20:00(ET)  172  161  1445.58  -11.86  1433.72
2013-11-16 02:00(ET)  241  213  1456.68  -11.1  1445.58
2013-11-15 20:00(ET)  190  189  1470.30  -13.62  1456.68
2013-11-15 14:00(ET)  437  102  1461.94  8.36  1470.30
2013-11-14 14:00(ET)  518  110  1450.42  11.52  1461.94

Loosing 36.58 points on the trot is not a nice feeling, but there's no way I'm folding AA, KK, and another AA to my standard opening raise then seeing a 3bet so obviously the "all in" is going to happen pre-flop.

It didn't go my way so I'm not embarrassed to share that big hit to my points and there's still another 11 odd days to go.

So my Bankroll is around the $70 mark, I got to play so many hands, I saw the worst things happen 3x in a row and then,  20 FPP's is all it cost to make it all worthwhile.

In fact, I'm glad I'm in this position in the PL, how else am I going to learn how to fight my way back?


This was a long blog, but it was a long grind and I even managed to attend some Live cash game training sessions because since I've joined PSO things just seem to be moving in the right direction.

I will grab every available resource on this site because it would be very stubborn of me not to,  and the "dreaded" cash games, that I never play is something new for me to learn, starting at the bottom, I mean if PSO has helped me so much with my strong game, it would be foolish of me not to add something different and finally after 3½ years of playing online poker I think it's time to at least give the cash games a chance, I now know, it can only make my game stronger in the long run and this inspires me.............and that's all I can say for this blog entry.

Until next time......... bye4now.