If you've been following my Premier League "goals" in my previous blogs, you would know that my goal for the Premier League is "to stay in it", and not to finish ITM with the 20 VPP "badge".

I managed to achieve this by playing the minimum of 5 tournaments at the beginning of October and then concentrating on my bankroll by playing 9 man $1.50 STT's.

By doing this, I have managed to accumulate 101 VPP's this month giving me chromestar status for the first time. For me, this is a big achievement as I don't play cash games and my bankroll has been pretty even for the month.

I have a much better understanding now of how to accumulate VPP's by playing the format that I am most comfortable and successful at.

I now know that 150 VPP's is very achievable and when I do achieve this "milestone", I can put a lot more effort into the Premier League and thus shifting the goal of just staying in the League to actually finishing in the top 500 (which I know I am capable of doing).

Chromestar has given me the opportunity to play the Privelage freebuy tournaments as well as the weekly freerolls for chromestar players. This is another avenue for me to increase my bankroll without any risk to my BR.

So my Premier League goal for November will still be "to make it to December", but my decision at the beginning of this month was a huge "EV" IMO.

The 150 VPP mark isn't as daunting as what it seemed, but I wouldn't have known this if I didn't stick to my initial goal.

BRM + Mindset is key and the VPP's will accumulate over time if I stick to "what I know" and my initial goals.

I'm not going to risk going broke in order to accumulate VPP's, If I don't achieve 150 VPP's in November then I might get them in December, I'm in no rush.

But I do know that when I do eventually hit that milestone, I will have much more experience and confidence to make my mark in the Premier League.

By putting in the volume I'm limiting the "luck" factor, it is that simple. I am not playing poker to rely on luck. It's about making the right decisions every single hand.

I'm proud of my chromestar achievement, even though I don't display it on my avatar, it is a personal thing - I hope you understand where I am "coming from" when I say this.

Thanks for reading and thanks again to PSO for everything that you've put out there.

As I've said before, I've achieved more in the last 4 odd months by being an active member of PSO than I have since I started playing in 2010 without it.