Hi All.


With the "carnival" week drawing to a close I thought I would share my "adventure" over the last 3 days.

Without having to worry about the Premier League, I decided just to stick to playing my 4 PSO "freebuys", and 93% STT ($1.50 - Most were 10 min levels, about 40% were Turbo's and a few hypers) the other 7% were MT SnG's but got unlucky in those too. It's all explained below.

So I managed to win a $3.30 Tournament ticket from one of the PSO Freebuys, but was unlucky and on a different day could have won 3 tickets.  I got it in good with Aces in the one...........got cracked( by 777, and then Kings in another one, ......got cracked ( by 888 ) and was 90% favourite before being river'ed. But I'm happy as I wouldn't have played it any other way and am happy to at least pick up a nice $3.30 ticket which I am saving for the future as I'm sooooooo tired.


Ok on to the ST Sit n Go's..... and the beatings continued, I flopped set after set, I got Aces more times than I can remember, and was called by weaker hands everytime. Bottom line is I don't think I have ever finished 4th so many times with the best hand on the turn, but "the river is the river", and I got river'ed plenty.

I won a few, I finished 2nd in a few and 3rd more than a few times.

I feel like I have gone 13 rounds with Mike Tyson and lost on points - which for me, psychologically, is actually a win.

I say this because even with what most players might call running bad or downswing or whatever, I know I played the best that I could have and my Bankroll didn't take a hit at all (ok, I think I might have lost .50c or $1), but being able to see that I made the correct decisions over and over again (getting called with garbage and losing on the bubble 6 or 7 times in a row), I didn't Tilt, I didn't try to chase either.

I would just take an hour or more break, catch up on a few TV series episodes, and come back ready to play my A-Game. And get slapped in the face again...........lol.

So I just finished my last STT for the weekend.

Got to Heads Up with 2k chip stack against 11k and, yup, I won it.  Putting my BR at the same level as at the start of the week (actually I mustn't forget about the $3.30 Ticket), but my head is spinning so much right now,  I'm smilling like "the village idiot in a Charles Dicken's" novel at the moment,

So excuse my rambling............I just want to get this feeling I have "on the record",  so many bad beats on the bubble, and I still have my BR, means only one thing.........I'm doing something right, and I'm in no rush, I will keep my mindset and the stats don't lie...and am looking forward to getting it in good again, picking the right spots, making the right decisions, (exactly like I've been doing the last 3 days), I know I won't be the one getting knocked out in the long run.

I don't know when it will happen, but I do know that it WILL happen, and it will be such a sweet feeling when it does, in fact I think the longer it takes, the better poker player I will be.

I hope this post wasn't too "erratic" or difficult to read.

Good night guys