In my previous blog post, I made a decision concerning my Premier League mindset etc.

I got lucky and squeezed in making it by 3 places.

So I'm still in the PL for October, but am looking at it in a whole different way.

My goal make it to November and to have the honour of playing tournament poker against far superior opposition than the tournaments my Bankroll allows me to play.

Sure, "the money is great for the top 10" in the Premier League, but that isn't my goal right now.

I need to play at least 5 tournaments to qualify.

Here's what's happened so far...........


Date                                  Runners   Position       Start        Scored      End

2013-10-12 20:00(ET)       202            13           1526.58     47.18    1573.76 **

2013-10-07 14:00(ET)       585            84           1503.17     23.41    1526.58

2013-10-07 08:00(ET)       437          125           1500.59       2.58    1503.17

2013-10-06 14:00(ET)       585          190           1500.00       0.59    1500.59


** tournament still running (they are "heads up"), so points are not official yet...........but should be thereabouts (according to the PSO calculator).


Will update after my 5th tournament, but so far so good.