Ok, I admit it, the Premier League has gotten the better of me............for now.

I made it into the league through the Premier League Qualifiers on my first try and have managed to last 2 months.

I would need a miracle result for me to make the October league, and have decided to let it go, and put more time into MTT's, which I haven't played that much this month because of trying to stay in the league.

However, the few (non-league) MTT's that I have played in I've boosted my bankroll 100%, so why am I restricting my BR worrying about the League (which I'm obviously new at).

I had also lost inspiration for playing because of the League and totally pushed my bankroll achievement out of my thought process.

No, I'm not blaming the League, in fact, I'm thanking it.

I got to play two months, on my first try, I have that experience now. So I've decided to put most of my efforts into BRM, and in my spare time I'll look back at my League experience, and realize how different it is to a "one-off" tournament.

I thought I knew that, I thought " hey I'm doing ok " etc, but now know that I need more info...........much more, on how to plan for a monthly league tournament.

Getting knocked out of the league will be a "slap in the face", but a "wake-up slap" rather than a negative one.

I will be much more prepared when returning to the Premier League, but won't let my normal tournament activity suffer because of it. 

This has been a "wake-up" call for me, and hope by sharing my experience with you, those of you who do make it into the league can benefit from this blog.

Gone blank, don't know what else to say, except that "I want to play", and it's taken the month of September and the whole League thing to get that desire back.