Thank you PSO for everything.

Getting the Big Bang invite meant so much and I managed to finish 34th with a much needed $ 22.50 bankroll boost.

But being part of this PSO "team/community" over the last month and a bit has done more for my game than my whole 3 years playing "in the wilderness", so to speak.


My initial goal of getting into The Premier League steered me into joining the Home Games, Starting this blog etc, and has been the best poker decision I have ever made.

I used to feel like an "outsider" on Pokerstars because of the sheer size of the fields, but am now embracing it and it has honestly kept building my inspiration and erased all those "doubts" and negative thoughts that would consume me in the past.

Sure, I will go through tough times in the future, results won't go my way (lol, in fact they haven't), but in the long run I know that all the effort and stepping outside my "comfort" zone by learning new things and having PSO "in my corner" will keep this passion alive and the results will swing my way, but for now the "journey" is what it is all about for me.

It makes me feel young again and this is what I want, I'm sure this is what everyone wants.


So to anyone out there thinking about taking PSO seriously but not quite sure yet, grab it, hold onto it and you won't be sorry.

I just had to put this down in writing.....while these thoughts are still fresh in my mind.

Thanks guys.