My 2nd tournament wasn't very enjoyable.


Only 224 entries this time and it just didn't go my way.

Was card dead basically from hand 1 and busted out early.

I think I must've dropped about 11 points, which does hurt.


But it's all good, and you gotta be able to take these types of results and move on.

There's a long way to go and I'm just glad to be a runner in this race and I like to finish strongly instead of being a front runner.


Kinda sux having to make posts like this, but I took up the challenge and will follow through.


The next one will be much better (lol, cause it couldn't really be any worse).


So til next time.





Making the right decisions.

That is key.

I didn't do that in the third one.


So I am stepping back, going to watch a few movies or have a rest but not play anymore with my mindset being where it is at this very point.

I'm actually very glad this happened, because I'm going to study this style of poker in the context of what it is...............a leaderboard.


I knew that, but in this last one, made a decision so early like I was on autopilot, not a good idea to see another hand until I am ready to play my "A game".

Lol, actually, after typing the above paragraph, I actually feel better than min-cashing in a micro tournament.

I'm so glad I started this blog now.

Day 1 has given me a lot of info I need to bring with me when I've "re-booted" my mind, so-to-speak.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and cya next time.