Hi Fellow PSO Leaguers,
"Real Entertainment" in the Premier League ("P") this month, Nov., 2014
2 Players, A777BX from Russia & MICKEY1616 from Columbia, are having a real "King of the Mountain" Battle never seen in the 40 months of the Premier....It's just really too much.....
Let me try to give u a feeling of how this came about:
First, about the players:
A777BX plays no more than 1-2 games a day.
Oct he made 1552 League Points (Lp) with 24 Games Played (GP)
Sept was the same with 1550 Lp & only 6 GP
Aug was 1535 Lp with 15 GP
July was 1629($20) w 34 GP
June was 1767($50) w 44 GP
I went back to last Nov. & found nothing more
Mickey1616 plays no more than 1-2 games a day.
Oct he made 1864Lp ($50) in 41 GP
Sept was 1644 Lp ($20) in 29 GP
Aug was 1800 ($50) in 35 GP
I went back to last Nov. & found nothing more
My synopsis:
Mickey1616 seems to be the better of the 2 players based on very limited data but 2 $50 cashes in 3 months is great for anyone.
A777BX appears to have some game with $50 rookie check & $20 after that but then nothing for 3 months paired with playing fewer games...nothing to lead one to think this guy might be #1 or Top 20.
MICKEY1616 struck first on the 1st day in his 2nd game with a 3rd & 99 points...
A777BX played his 1st game on the 2nd day & made a 5th for 84 points & a day & a half later in his 3rd game he made a 12th giving him 1644 points & $20 in the bank from PSO.
MICKEY1616  made a 14th the same day & had a solid 1600 points
5 games later he scored a 32nd = 47p & 2 games after that a 42nd = 31 points & 2 games after that another FT, 9th = 67p & 1677 in total after 10 days of play.
A777BX was sliding untill the same day, the 12th Nov, till he made an 18th = 57p = 1647.....just 30 points difference here>>>>
Mickey made a 14th = 39p a day later & a 3rd = 98p on the 14th to 1792 Lp.
A777BX, after sliding 5 games, made a 1st = 132p on the 16th =1737 Lp...2 days later another 1st = 131p =1855Lp & the next day, Nov.19, a 16th = 58p =1878 Lp.
Mickey1616 made a 15th = 57p & a 4th = 76p =1896 on Nov.18
So, at this point, just a little past half-month, Both these guys have a real shot at the Top 20 & Nice Checks  18 points apart
Micky played even poker till the 24th when he made 2nd = 105p & 2nd in the next tourney = 98p = 2080 & then 12th =51p in his next tourney on the 25th of Nov to 2131 Lp.
A777 BX was sliding about 75 points till the 1st game on the 22nd...
I've been around here since the beginning & let me tell you, You don't see runs like this very often..............
He makes a 12th in the early game = 49p = 1851 Nov 22
He makes a 1st in the 3rd game ===127p =1978
He makes a 2nd in the 4th game === 97p = 2075
He makes a 2nd in the 1st game === 96p = 2171 Nov 23
He makes a 3rd in the 1st game === 81p = 2253 Nov 27 *
He makes a 21st in the 2nd game ==25p = 2278 Nov 30 *
427 points in 6 games-------- WOW
========= * = New League Points Record * =========
And while that was going on, Micky1616 was also at work:
He makes an 8th in the 2nd game = 67p = 2176 Nov 26
He makes a 40th in the 3rd game = 18p = 2172 Nov 27
He makes a 12th in the 4th game = 24p = 2171 Nov 29
He makes a 3rd in the 1st game == 80p = 2250 Nov 30
He makes a 4th in the 3rd game == 70p = 2320 Nov 30 *
He sits out the final game of the month...........

I finish this & leave to watch the Final Tourney.....A777BX is playing 

A777BX plays the final game of the month but comes 47th &Mickey1616 becomes the November 2014 Champion + $5,000.00


final note:

I followed Micky in 3 of his last 4 games & verified both his poker skills & the fantastic luck involved in geting to where he got

I only got to see A777BX in the final game & I saw a competant player but none of the sukouts & flushes & rivers needed to make FT.

Good Luck to All in December