Hello to one & all,

As an original member of the PSO 'Premier("P") League' & keeper of many obscure league ststistics, I along with many others have made some pretty derisive comments about the 'Open("O") League' and its' seeming "INSANITY"

As many of you know, the "P" has seen the level of play rise to the point where many are 'Silver' & 'Gold' & 'Platinum' Star Players.  They make their 150VPPs in a few days(some in 1 day) I for 1 got really tired making the 150 playing with "Good Bankroll Management" & decided to grind less & see what was availabel to a 20 VPPs player... Well, the "O" started to look pretty good

I did some research & B4 too long, i could see there were a number of "O" players doing considerably better than the rest over a years time so i decided to look a bit deeper & see if i could find a 'secret' or two that might be useful as I was heading in that direction.

........W O W...... Did I ever find a 'secret' or two !  What I found was an entirely new way to look at the inner workings of a Tourney within a Tourney.  I became interested & now am trying to make a 'TOP 20' finish & $50 or more which I must tell U is $30 more than I can reasonably expect to get from the "P".

I was so happy to see EdinFreeMan(also a Veteran "P" player) was also going to be playing the "O" & that we were both planning to do a tracking blog so here we go

You can find the sleepyolman daily reports here in my BLOG

You can find the EdinFreeMan posts in his BLOG

Enjoy These if you are an aspiring "O" Player