So many players say "Haha, that guy just called all the way to river with A3 with no pair and no draw". Then three hands later they try to pull off a bluff on that same player. Why would you try to bluff a player who will go to the river with high card?

You have to make meaningful discoveries about your opponents playing style. Labels such as "weak tight" and "calling station" are much more meaningful because there are different strategy adjustments to deal with each kind of player.

A weak tight player will rarely bet a flop unless they have really connected with it. When their opponents bet they usually give them credit for the hand they are representing. A weak tight player should be bluffed frequently because they are rarely happy with their hand, and will often release some hands that are beating you.

You should also make continuation bets on the flop most of the time you have the lead preflop because they will miss the flop more often than they hit, and they will fold to your bet when they miss.

However, a calling station is exactly the opposite. A calling station loves trying to see a showdown with junky hands like middle pair. They also prefer to let their opponent do most of their betting when they have a really strong hand. Because they call with weak and strong hands alike it is very difficult to read them.

Also, even though almost all calling stations are losing players they are actually one of the hardest players to play because most people fail to make the correct adjustments against them.

When you are dealing with a calling station you have to be selective about what hands you bet. Pot control is very important against a calling station. To control the pot you may waive your option to make a continuation bet on the flop if the flop misses you completely because you simply don't have any fold equity.

However, you want to play your strong hands very hard. There is no point slowplaying a big hand against a calling station because they will pay you with a lot of hands you are beating. Also, if you get too fancy (check-raising and slowplaying) then you could spook your calling station.

When you see a player make a mistake, ask yourself how you can capitalize on that mistake in future hands. Don't say to yourself "He's bleeding chips, I need to get into a hand with him". Stick to your game plan, and make minor adjustments that take advantage of your opponents weakness.