I am brand new to online poker and to the PSO.I can honestly say over all I have found the PSO to be a fun place to play.I have played Live poker for 6 years and just recently decided to play online and found the leap one I wish I have made a Long time ago.My 1st month in the PSO has been up and down never getting that run to get me way up the leader board but over all have enjoyed playing with you all..Yes there are the people that i read and talk about the bad play but that does not bother me at all because there is bad play at every level you play if online or live it is just a part of poker that you will never get around..Got to deal with it and play the best poker you can each and every time you sit down..That is my goal for myself for the rest ofr  thid month is to strive to play good poker and try to make a last effort to get back into the top 200 of the leader board and not allow myself get caught up in the negitive side of things if i can do that I will be happy where ever i finish this 1st month in the PSO..