Hey guys! It's been quite a long time since I last made a post! I've played (and studied) a lot of poker recently, and I'm finally in the black! Most of it comes from playing in the Big Bang Tournament earlier today. I finished tenth, that's right, bubbled, which is a shame, because I was going to win this thing but I got unlucky. Here's the hand that saw me bust out:

Really sucks! But hey, I made 60 $, which is a much needed boost to my bankroll! And to me, this result is just a proof that I can be a good poker player. Trust me! There will be a round 2! (I hope so!)

So here is how my game is coming along: I've had a fairly big downswing playing cash games, but so far this week I was grinding it back up. As for SnGs, well, STTs are not going well. There are just too many grinders at the microstakes on PS. I've had a couple cashes in $0.25 45 mans, but no wins (two 3rd place finishes is my best score). However, I played some 9 mans on 888 poker and I've cashed in all of them so far. These games are so fishy!

I've also had a few nice runs in freerolls, my best being the Big Bang, of course. I haven't won a ticket to the weekly round two but I've come quite close twice (out of three attemps). So, with the Christmas vacations approaching, I'll probably be playing some more poker. I'll try to make another blog post in not too long of a time. PT4 might be the gift I'll make to myself this year.

As always, feel free to comment. I'd love to have one of the live training sessions to be on reviewing my hands in the Big Bang, because I know I made a lot of mistakes even though I had good results, especially early, which is weird because I usually play quite well in the early stages of a tournament. If someone could tell me where to send my hand history, that would be really appreciated!

P.S. What MTTs should I look into, considering I have a very small bankroll (less than 100$)?