It's been quite a while since my last post. That's because I've been quite busy recently. But hey, great news! I've made my first deposit and started playing real money! I just finished my first $1.50 SnG and won it! It wasn't easy, there were plenty of grinders (I guess it's because of the hour, not many fish playing at 2 PM on a Thursday), but I stuck to my strategy and it payed out.

Other than that, I've played in some more play money games, with success. It's a way too small sample to say I'm a winning player but I have a decent profit. I've also passed the SnG quiz on this site, which was one the objectives I mentioned in my first post. I still need to review the bubble and heads-up strategies a little bit though.

Here's a funny anecdote: I decided to log on Full Tilt and discovered that I had $1.40 left on my account. So I hopped in on one of their "New to the Game" $0.50 SnG. (actually I played one regular and two "New to the Game"). It didn't turn out bad. I played real bad in the regular one, but finished third in the two others. The last one was really funny though. Two players were eliminated in the first hand of the tournament, and four were gone within the first orbit. I'm definitely going to play some more of those!

Wow, that's kind a long post, I'm really psyched right now. Here's one last thing I want to talk about: I noticed that my first blog post had earned me a Big Bang tournament entry, however I did not receive the ticket nor the email I was supposed to receive. Maybe I will get it for this month? Anyways, if anyone can help me out, don't hesitate to comment (I'd also like to have feedback on these posts)

Good luck! See you on the tables!