Today I decide to try the Open Skill League. I' don't know alot on MTTs (read anything), but I decided I'd try to play it like a SnGs Which was turning out well, until I did something stupid. 

Anyways, I finished  2149 of 10000 and got the change to take notes on play in this type of tournament. Here are a few hands :

The first one is a JJ I don't think I played properly, even if I won the hand.

The second one: I folded 77 and I didn't know if I should have played it considering the circumstances.

The third: Busted a small stack, thought it was a fairly good hand.

The fourth: Played AJs int a multi-way pot, everybody checked to me on the flop, my pot-sized c-bet won it.

The fifth: OMG! How could I be so stupid??? Uuh.  Wow, played stupidly, busted out. That's poker! That's why you come to PSO!

So if you have comments to say on these hands go ahead I'm always looking forward to learning.

P.S. If you read my first post, I'm still going for my SnG objective, I just decided to try something else this morning.