Let me present myself: my name is unimportant (for now). I recently got tired of playing Zynga Poker (actually, I got tired of the players, not the game). Anyways, I decided to graduate to playing on Pokerstars.I should mention that this isn't my first attempt, but this time it's for good. I'm not a total noob in poker. I've read a few poker books and used what I learned to destroy the Zynga tables... way too easily!

So, instead of jumping stupidly into real money games (which I have done before, just look at my Bankroll Builder thread), I decided to start with play money games. I decided I should start with SnGs since this is where I was very good at in Zynga. So far, I've played 3 games, finished 3rd in one of them and won one.

Today, while I was playing , I opened up a real money $1.50 SnG and spectated it. I noticed tha play was really tight in the first 3 levels but at level 4 it almost turned in a shove-fest and by the time they were level 6 they were heads-up. I think I could take advantage of that.

Anyways, I'll try to post updates to my progress frequently. I plan on playing on the play money tables for a while, at least until I finish the SnG cours of this website. Feel free to comment my post, I'd love to have feedback.

See you on the tables!