I have been playing poker on numerous sites for about 2 and half years, for the first year I was a losing player. The next year I would call myself a wining player as I did in fact win a fair amount and got away with working part time, but I always had the rare ability to go on tilt and lose my whole role playing higher and higher to get it back. Now I am not telling you I am a great/amazing , just a wining player when playing at my best. My bankroll management and tilt control has to be in the top ten(by top ten I mean No1 being the worst), I can’t count how many times I have sat at a table with my whole role lost it and cried my self to sleep (Joke).
Fast forward to 6 months ago, It was a beautiful day my birthday was coming up and a had already won 5 byins at 50nl in about 45 minutes ……..If only I knew what was round the corner. Errrrrmmm I fought to myself why don’t I play some HU 100plo see if variance is really on my side.
It wasn’t I got ****ed I didn’t run bad , I didn’t run good , I just played with better players and numerous people at once and the ****ed me, I will hold my hands up the where just better.
After that day and with my bank account having 17.73 left in it  I decided to quit poker and focus on a career. I am now at college studying journalism, but wait what is this,spare 50 in my bank Account.
Having never really played on stars, and after bf feeling this is the best site by a mile I will today deposit that 50 ,Im going try grind it up on the steps  maybe win a ticket to a big torney.
Anyway here goes my last shot at poker, Will keep you posted . ONE TIME