Its mid month, and you look at your stats for the Open League and think " meh, I will never crack the top 500 now, its too late" .......

To that I say............not so.

I played the first half of the month very loosely as I did not really have time to play, but like to dabble, but I just wanted to show that getting up there is not hard, and you can do great things in a 48 hour period of playing. Below is the last 48 hours of tourneys and results:

STARTING POSITION : 27,650th ish - give or take a few

906th --28.57--- 1830.94 pts Dec 17th
371st --57.94 -- 1802.37 pts
142nd --74.22 - 1744.43 pts
159th --76.03 -1670.21 pts
503rd --53.76 - 1594.18 pts
1217th --28.86 - 1540.42 pts
10000 7063rd --10.38 - 1511.56 pts - Dec 15th


So in only 48 hours, I managed to move up over 26,000 spots and am now firmly in the top 1000, and eligible, albeit without the 20 VPP + , for a small cash reward if I maintain this type of standing. If you have the 20 VPP and are sitting out of the money now, you can easily make your way to top 1000, or even top 500 in only a couple days and earn a few bucks for your efforts. Any Bankroll is better than no Bankroll, am I right ????

The leaders of the PSO Open are at just over 2500 points as of this morning. In 48 hours, I have managed to earn just over 319 points in total. Now I am 700 or so points behind, and I think that as long as I keep making more on average daily than they do, that I could actually crack to the top 50 this month,based solely on my play from the 15th of the month onwards.

700 points behind 1st today, so in 48 hours will update again and let you know where I stand.

NEVER GIVE UP FREEROLLERS !!! There is free money to be had, just grind it out, and you can easily claim this every month !!!!


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