Ok, this tourney was a quickie !! Wow did the pace go fast with lots of all ins !! Again, was not expecting this type of pace at a higher buy in, but wow, its shove city !!

Here is a hand that I struggle with all the time, especially in real money games. I start with my QQ, but alas, there is that ACE on the flop. Am I out front, am i now behind? This type of hand gives me the willies, and its the type that I really really need to educate myself about more !!! In the end, I walked away with a nice little pot, but I know, and am sure you know, I did not play it like i should have been played :


The hand below is my exit hand, as i have so few victory hands to share with you :lol:

The dude to my left had just gone all in previous hand and was left with a piddly stack and shoved the nesthand all in. I had 9 big blinds give or take, it was my first pair, and Ihad watched 55 44 33 and JJ crack AK, AA and others so far.

I decided to go after this guy regardless of the big stack calling, as I figured he would call with anything to pick up the chip of the desperate tilting linchm. He shoves, I shove, we all shove, and what hits on the river for the man with AK..........A.............of course.

Pairs are not my friend, from KK down to 22, I am not sure going forward if I will ever shove pairs again preflop in $$ play as it seems that 99% of the time if your opponent has AX, you are a dead man walking. It happened to me 4 times today alone, A on the flop to destroy my KK, 99, 1010, and JJ. Is it bad luck, a bit, is it bad play, sure, but gotta make a move at some point, especially in these tourneys where its turbo and the ante is climbing.

I had the guy besid me pegged as a tilter, and I truly thought the big stack was just calling with nothing to try and catch him on an emotional shove. I really did think I had the best hand, so I went for it...........


Poker is skill and luck. I have little skill apparently, and absolutely no luck today whatsoever. Every move I tried to make was thwarted.

Best of luck to everyone at the 10A tomorrow.

Peace out, its been a slice !!!