So, I have only played online heads up a couple times, and it was NL Ohama Hi/Lo which i my fav game out there, but never hold em.

I was a little apprehensive coming in, but lo and behold, I got a bye for Round 1. So technically, I won a round, and that is forever how I will look at it !!!   :lol:

So, it went back and forth, and eventually I got under about 700 chips and made a move with Ax and managed to double back up to almost 1500 chips. More and more back and forth, and eventually I got my opponent under 1000 for a while !!! I felt good about coming back against him, and as Effsea can attest to, it was a good battle.

Now, he had shoved all in almost 10 times by my count, so I was waiting patiently for a good hand. I did have JJ first hand after the break when it was about 2200 me and 800 him, and tried to get him to go, but to no avail. A few hands later, as you will see below I decided to make a move and go for it.

Here are the last 5 hands of my HeadsUp :::::


Pretty boring, then this one........

Yawn.............wait for it, it gets juicy !!!! "Here is a good hand I think"...........

Uh-oh.......this is not good . Ok, next big hand, I am going to force the issue a little, or A LOT !!!!


So.......with his history of shoving me all in, I decided to turn the tables an go to showdown. Was it too aggressive? I don't think so. If I had raised 3BB, I feel he would have called, and with that flop, I would have had hig card and straght draw, and assumed he did NOT. I would have shoved all in at the flop and the result would have been the same. I don't feel too bad about it, I did my best and we were last two tables of 2nd round so it shows me I had some patience and was not pushed around like I thought I would be. Maybe at roughly our starting stacks, it was a tad aggressive, but I won't regret that move. I committed with a good hand and he caught one of 3 outs. The theme of my day !!!! "GET YOUR OUTS HERE< FRESH OUT AGAINST SKINYUTPHAT"........:lol:

But, being the kind of day I was having, next hand wth almost no chips, Pokerstars decides to stick hot pokers in my eyes by giving this dude back to back trips to my far better hands, just to rub some salt in the wounds and make my exit that much more delightful...... bahahahahahahaaaa !!!!  (Ps. nothing but love for Pstars and PSO )

It was just that kind of day for me at the tables. Now to drink some beer and get ready for the big daddy 33.00 Speedway tonight.

After that, my MOTW tourneys have come to a close. At least I have some FPP's and missed qualifying for the Sunday Storm in 1 FPP Rebuy today by 2 positions, which mean I also missed the conslolation prize of 608 FPP's by one seat.

On a brighter note, in 36 hours I have moved up almost 27000 spots in the PSO Open League and was at 1500 before the next update to add my latest 500th place from this afternoon.

Oh, and I have the Share Freeroll tomorrow !!!!