This is not my type of touney at all. Don't enjoy rebuys in the slightest,and when it is low stakes like this, it might as well be a Freeroll Rebuy !!!!

Having said that, I was a distinct disadvantge for a few reasons:

1. One of I think two people at my table to start wit only 3000 chips
2. No bankroll to rebuy or add on
3. Had to play tight until i found a hand
4. Almost every hand was a raise, reraise or a shove all in !!!

I tried to play a few hands, but due to monetary constraints felt handcuffed by not being able to take a shot as I cud not by back in......frustrating indeed.

I finallypicked up a nice hand, felt it wouldn't get any better, and shoved , and of course, lost. But I dont feel bad about this one in the slighest, I felt like if I old have doubled up at least, I might have been able to make more moves. Wrong call with wrong hand at the wrong time. Ooops !!!!

This is a cut-throat tourney and I just came witout any ammo ( ie rebuys) . Next time, next time !!!!!!:-D