Hello All,

Well, what to say about this one eh?

I think overall, I played not so badly. I did play very very tight but also found that there was a lot more aggression at my table for the first hour and half especially than I thought there might be at a higher stake.

It , at times, had the same feel of the earlier $3.30, and that was kind of a shock as I was thinking going in that players would be more tight and not willing to bet large %'s of their stacks so early .

By the end of the first break, I had managed to stay above the 3000-3200 mark, and really did not play to many hands at all. I had not been dealt one pocket pair, or one set of suited connectors even at this point. Midway through the second hour or so , i was dealt this hand, and decided to give it a whirl. Now i know it looks like a silly all in call, but the villian here was raising almost every hand and from every position. At this point in thetourney I felt that this was an opportunity to at least double up, and voila.

For some reason, this blog will not allow me to enter anything under the hand replay, so I will just finish this blog by saying about twenty hands later I was in the BB, I had 92, flop came 249, the guy beside me was a donk as well, so I shoved all in, and lo and behold, he called with 44 and won the hand. The hand previous to that I lost about 1500 chips with K10 and flop of 88A .....45......and the guy who called with a smaller stack would have been eliminated if he didnt have 23 offsuit...........Thats the kind of day its been for me today. No luck, no hits, nothing.

I am learning, but I really have more fun in the PSO and the Astronomers I find. Hope anythingI write or blog about helps anyone, its all I can do !!!!


Ok, here is the exit hand, I managed to cut and paste it in here !!! Horrific call? Possibly, but I had top pair, obviously with worst kicker of all time, but felt it was one of the only isolated positions I had all tourney and was hoping  squeek it out !!!

And that was the end of that. Like I said, pretty suprising at higher stakes how fast and loose people tend to play. That was a lesson for sure !!