Hello Everyone,

Ok, started the 3.30 this morning, not much going on, lots of raises and reraises with dudes holding 73 , q2, and other "premium hands"....... I play and fold a lot for the first hour and then run into this hand and decide, meh, I shall play it out :

Nice, I essentially double up, feel good, see Grade B is railing, say hi and then this hand shows up as the last one before the break with me in BB. I know I will get critiqued for making this call, but the two gents who did shove had previously shoved with cards like J7 and i think that the big stack got to big stack status with a 108 previously.

And so it ends. I feel like i will probably never call KK preflop ever again in my poker playing. No matter what, always an ACE on the flop, always. It seems like a strong hand at times, but its just not for me. He had two outs and hit one.

Getting frustrated that bad play by others ( ie preflop all ins with 23 get rewarded and then I bust out with KK versus two guys HOPING to hit an ACE)

Lesson learned : even with a great hand, if two people before are shoving, probably best to fold and wait for another great hand down the line !!!!!

Oh well, a break before the next one !!!!