Hello All,

Well,this is one that I really wanted to do well in, but at times I felt like I was just not getting playable hands, and I think I let this frutrate me a little. This is further to busting out of the 22.00 tourney, so I was definately not in the right frame of mind going into this one. The one time I did get a good hand, I feel like I could have gone for a bigger pot, but managed a minimal gain with the following:


Maybe I should have raised more, maybe he would have called??? Not sure if I played it correctly, but would love some advice.

Things stayed pretty boring for a while, and I felt like any gains I made were being eaten away by blinds, and having the villian at my table constantly raising preflop, or raising huge amounts after the flop. I felt bullied a little, and when I finally got a decent hand, I decided to test him out and go for the gold!! Unfortunately, he caught me, and so ended my day in the $55.00

I am learning,step by step, and hope for a much better result next time out !!!!