Hello All,

Well, this was my first foray into my Saturday Challenge, and I should have known the day would start less than stellar when I woke up and had an internet connection issue, and had to reset a few times....lol

However, I got into this one, and sat patiently waitng for a hand to play, then this one came along :


This seems like a great hand, and was hoping somone would play it, but was just the SB called, and I felt like I should raise here to prevent him from flopping something like an Ace, as I have seen far too many Ace Rag beats this week. He folds, and I collect my tiny chips, and move on to this hand not too much later:


Sure enough, I manage to survive an awkward flop and catch my Ace on the river, but many many more hands later, I think I let frustration set in about not being dealt any quality hands and watching players at my table start to accumulate big stacks by playing dicey hands.

I finally got an Ace King, felt the villian here was raising a lot, calling with junk, and was possibly bluffing something bad like J8 or 45. In the end, I think I made the right call, I did not have him pegged for poket pairs, and thought I could get him with high card on a coin flip or catch , but alas, I did not. He managed to weasel his way through , and so ended my 22.00 6 Max ...........

Patience, and not playing these tourneys like a freeroll would probably be a good idea from here on out !!!