Hello All,

Let me begin by saying that Saturday was not my best day !! Anyone who railed, or has seen my post in the forum knows as much, and after a a couple days off to think about everything, I still feel it was a positive expereience, even though the results were not what I wanted.

I am still having troubles using hand replayer and filtering out my specific hands from the data I get from Pokerstars, so please forgive me for not haveing fancy table replays for this blog. I will try to figure it all out prior to my next tournament on Saturday.

So here is a recap of my results in the 3 of 8 Saturday Specials I played this weekend:

$55.00 PL Ohama 30K
208th out of 593

$22.00 Saturday 6 max
1525th out of 2076

$22.00 Timed Tourney 120 Minutes
375th of 849

As you can see, not great, but I am happy I did not bust out early, showed SOME patience at times, and did not make some of my typical mistakes.

Now, I want this to have educational value, so in case another "rookie" or "semi-newbie" to playing higher buy in cash tourneys wins this prize, I feel the following really had an adverse effect on me this past Saturday:

1. Assuming that the ticket entry was good enough to equal a cash out. This is SO not true, and isn't literally what I thought, but the disappointment of not making any money on these three tourneys killed me all day Saturday and Sunday. Today, I am over it.

2. Letting the hype of winning the contest cloud my judgement on what to play and when to play it. By this I mean that I was so excited and pumped to be MOTW, that I was chomping at the bit to play on Saturday and had only planned on playing one tourney. After my negative result, I registered for another and another, and this was a downfall for sure. What I SHOULD have done, is stop after the first bust out, taken a deep breath, and walked away for the day. Going into the second tourney I was not in the correct head space, and I let it get to me while I played. Lesson learned here is that RIGHT FRAME OF MIND = BETTER DECISION MAKING.

3. After I saw the first "railer" post into chat, I panicked. I became accutely aware that for the first time ever, it was not just me and my opponents at the table, it was me and any PSO players watching, and this freaked me out. By letting the pressure of being watched, and judged, I made a couple horrific choices that I felt if I had won the hand would be applauded, and if not, would be ridiculed. I also felt the intense pressure to perform, as there are so many potential worthy winners of MOTW, and by not playing well, I felt like I was letting everyone of them down, and felt undeserving of my fortune to play these tourneys over them. LESSON LEARNED : PERCIEVED PRESSURE IS ONLY PRESSURE IF YOU LET IT BE.......... I have had a long talk with a poker pro I have met, and they have advised, wisely, that I need to not worry about what people think, or how they will react to my play, as in the end, this is a contest and as Grade B has pointed out, without it, I would never play this high stakes anyway.

4. Not comparing myself to others. While I played, I also fel this need to do as good or better than Effsea and Grade B, even Sandtrap who was killing it that day !!! This I realize is something that I should not have even though about that day at all. Over the course of this contest there will be many more winners of MOTW and we cannot judge ourselves against all others as poker tournaments are not a constant, and we each will face different variables, scenarios and outcomes. LESSON LEARNED = DO YOUR BEST, WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN RESULTS and LEARN FROM YOUR LOSSES.

I have apologized to the PSO world for my failures this weekend, whether that is necessary or not, as I just had a sense that I let people down, or made myself look like a fool. This however has passed. I am more concerned today with applying what I have learned and using it to achieve a better result next time out.  I know now to ensure that I am "fresh" to play, that I take it one tourney at a time, to not play so tight, and most of all ------ TO HAVE SOME FUN !!! Without my MOTW, I would never have had this chance, and it is imperative that going forward, I relax, have fun, not be results oriented, embrace the "railers" as support and not "critics", and try and learn from any mistakes I make.

I truly hope to double this prize so that I may try this again, especially the PL Omaha, and will endeavour to get my Hand Replayer and video for next week !!!

Thanks to all, congrats to Effsea and Grade B for a great day, also to others I watched like Joy and Sandtrap, bravo !!!

Peace, and I hope at least one person can gain some knowledge from what I typed !!


A Humbled SkinyButPhat:-D