Hello PSO Universe,

Well, what an intense and exciting day it has been for me !!! Woke up this morning to find that I had actually won the PSO MOTW Contest and I am so thrilled its ridiculous !!! :lol:

So,my poker plans for the month have DRASTICALLY changed !!!

As an update to my $5.00 challenge, it is not good. I got my butt kicked repeatedly in some $0.25 SNG's, and got frustrated and played a couple 1.50 SNG's instead, and got rivered twice !!! So now bankroll is down to almost nothing !!

Also, I was not going to play many PSO Open League games this month, and was not concerned with my overall scores as I was probably not going to earn the 20 VPP's needed to qualify for a bigger prize if I did well again andplaced in top 500.

Now however, I am going renew the focus on playing in as many as I can and tryingto finish each "in the points" and not play as loose as I have for the 5 i think I have played so far this month. The entries I have now should easily earn me the VPP's needed to qualify for the Premier League next month if I finish in the top 500 again, so I'll see you at the tables !!

In regards to the Saturday Tickets, I think that I will only one this upcoming weekend, possibly the $55 PL Omaha, as I have 4 exams next week, and that is where my focus should be.

On the weekend of the 17th of December, I will officially be off school for three weeks, and will post on my blog and in the forum which tourneys I will play that day, probably a couple days in advance.

I cannot say thanks enough,or be more appreciative to everyone here for the comments, support and dedication to helping others become better poker  players. I can only hope to do you all proud, and represent PSO in a positive light.

Follow me on twitter if you want @SkinnyButPhat, as I will be updating via that method while I play.

As well, if anyone can direct me to training videos, and how to create hand replayers, and proper way to display results, that would be fantastic. I hope to double the prize via this method !!!

Thanks again to everyone here !!!! Much respect !!!:wink: