Ok Folks,

So, after reading various posts, and having the amazing people in here respond to my BR management questions, I have decided to start my 5.00 Challenge using the funds credited to my account via PSO Open League top 215 result in November.

I just sat down at a 0.02/0.04 FLHE Table, was dealt JJ, and managed to earn a wopping 0.18 cents  in a single hand !

 BR now stands at $5.18....:-D

I am going to go back in now and enter 4  $0.25 45 man SNG's, as I am comfortable playing this size, and will probably play a little tight and see how it goes. After that I will strictly play the .02/.04 for a few hours and see where I get to !!!

Thanks guys for the support and advice ! This should be fun, if not entertaining !!