What a turnaround past few days !!! Was hovering around the 450 mark for a while, and 3 out of lat 4 tourneys, I have really turned it up a notch.

Even though I will not qualify for the Premier League, as I have not earned 150 VPP this month, I think that if given the chance in the future, that I will be able to at least play a better style of poker.

The hand that killed me today was the following:

3 Handed
ME: 55

I called in MP and everyone folded except for SB and BB. Flop came 10 5 4 ( diff suits).........made a small bet, was raised, then re-raised, I shoved all in with about 2000 chips against two players with 5 times my stack. the river came 3 2, and guess what......opponent was holding AK off, and caught the straight. I would have tripled up, and then sat out for a bit to collect more points. Oh well, probably should not have shoved, but he was a chronic shover with hands like J3 and 29. Had to do it.

Here is my ranking before those -17 or -18 points come off for that horrible beat:

191 Rank up 83 CA SkinyButPhyesat   $1   $5   2254.59  

I do think that top 100 in the next two days is doable. I got 71 points for I think a 114 finish today, and only need about 200 points to get there.

Next month, I plan in being in top 50 of League for sure, and get my 7.50 instead of 5.00 !!!