Well, it was quite a shock this morning to register for yet another chance at the 10th Annivesrisary Freeroll, and see that "talonchick" was also enrolled.

I had just watched her video on PSO and being a Canadian guy, I have incredible respect for this lady and her game. She is an inspiration to other players, and all those who hold full time jobs, but still love the game of poker and dream of success. She was classy at the tables, even though bombarded with questions and sometimes inappropriate comments from the less mature crowd out there.

I myself had a great PSO day with a Top 300 and a Top 500 result again, and I have moved up just over 500 places in two days and now sit at around 658 in the Open League.

Give me a couple more days and I will crack the top 500 for the League, and plan on staying there so that I can be promoted to the even more lucrative Premier League next month.

Now if I could only find a way to crack the Top 10 in the 10th Anniversary Game, I will have pretty much conquered all the Freerolls offered this week, except the OnlinePokershow, which, I give made props to the other blogger out there for makin the final table.