Hello All

Day three of the old blog, and yes, I know Freerolls lack the lustre of cash games, th allure of the big tourneys and the technical jargon so many love to read, but this is a great way for people to ease into poker without committing any money, and does provide some thrills.

My last entry detailed my 140th place in PSO Open League and I was very happy with that result as it moved me into the top 950 in the league and has my confidence growing about my playing style.

I played in many freerolls in the last two days an here are some results that are encouraging:

PSO Open #1 - 970th
PSO Open # 2 - around 5000th ( had AK offsuit lose to a ridiculous 25 suited preflop all in)
PSO Open # 3 - 450th
Copernicus - Top 72 and a ticket
Galilieo's - Top 72 and a ticket

I know there is no monetary value in these, YET, as I could now play both Weekly tourneys, and I ill be moving up that PSO League ladder when the updates occur. Stay in the top 2000, or even break the top 500 by month's end, and I have free money to try and win some cash !!!

I will keep grinding, will keep reviewing my MTT notes, and will continue to improve !!! Who knows, might see you at a cash table as soon as December !!!

Good Luck all !!