Hello everyone! I am fairly new at playing online poker and have to say i am having a lot of fun (sometimes lol). This is my first blog ever so bare with me. I am so excited that i took a 1st place finish for the first time. It was like bowling a 300 game for me. People who know me know i play a real tight game (sometimes lol) and im happy to say it finally paid off. Going to final table saw flop only 20 or so times and won every hand but 3. I was feeling pretty good about my play. I have to give a lot of credit towards pokerstars teachings and also a lot of the other good players ( you know who you are). They gave me the skill and training that i needed and for that i thank you all. So i say to everybody hope you all have good luck at the tables (except the donks lol) and i'll be seeing you around.