I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my poker skills. I have been playing poker as a hobby since the Moneymaker effect and have enjoyed every minute of it. I play both online and live at low limits, cash games and tournaments. My interest in poker is more for the competition and the enjoyment of playing a game. I consider myself an intermediate player looking to improve. I stumbled on this site while looking for a live tournament to play in Las Vegas in September. The most interesting part about this site is the Poker League. Having played on PokerStars for a few years and the only way to measure your skills against others (at the low limits) is by your bankroll. A poker tracker is good for evaluating your own play and plugging leaks, but it does not give you a sense of how your skills match up against others. I plan on using the freeroll opportunities, forum, league, and blog to continue my improvement focus.