Well it came around again. Re-up time! I've been playing a lot at Poker Stars due to the Fleet Street sell out. It has caused me to neglect my PSO obligation. In the past I have tried to focus on a different league each month, but since getting the account at PStars (Sinistar64 if you care to look for me - I play in micros) I have not been spending much time with PSO. At the end of February I had to make a decision on whether to spend another $200 to remain a member. My SPs were at 150. That's a hard earned 150 by the way. Remember the commercial saying, "You've come a long way baby...." Yes I have. Well I could not decide. Give up 150 SP that I have worked so diligently to obtain or invest another 200 bucks hoping to further improve my game. Honestly I often consider giving up playing all together, at least give up being a constant player. I spend a lot of time with online poker and just a little time with live. Am I good? I'm okay. I'm on the black side of the ledger. Nothing bigger than a first place out of 72 at Sam's Town in Tunica. That gave me an $1100 payout. I don't suck at poker. Well I did what any good president would do. I did nothing. Problem solved, what's it called? This bill passed without a signature. I was set up on auto pay, so one day I opened up my home page on PSO and viola, another year paid for. Oh well. Guess I will just make the best of it. I love PSO. I really do. It's just that the poker process is often times so frustrating. Like earlier today I was playing a micro on PStars. I raise with KK. I get reraised. I want to take the pot down so I push all in figuring there is only about 2 hands that could call me. Well I was pushing against Aces. My bad. That's the only time I get really frustrated with my play, when I get my money in with the worst hand. I usually get frustrated at the players that suck out on me. That happens a lot. I understand the mind set that says you want the inferior hands to play against you. I really do. It's just that the bad beats seem to stand out SO MUCH. Anyway..... Well last Saturday I figured I would go ahead and waste 5 of my SPs on the No-Limit SP tourney. To make a long story (sorry) short, Centurian and I spent the last 45 minutes of the tourney battling heads up. I wound up winning the tourney. The last hand we got our chips in, my AK vs JC's KQ. I cashed 114.02SP. I am now at 259SP. I am about halfway to my goal of 550SP. Including my latest investment in PSO, I am in about $550. Shockingly, I am still $290 behind in my investment. I just wonder if I can justify the cost. Let's see... * I have a place to play against quality players. * I have made some amazing friends. * My game has improved and I am not afraid to walk into a game anywhere and feel like I can compete. * I have the opportunity to continue to amass SPs. If you are having problems deciding whether or not Poker School is worth it or not, I say, "Hell yes!" Good Luck, we are going to need it. _Len