Hey. What's up? I'm rockstar64. My mom named me Leonard. My friends call me Len. I prefer my enemies to call me Lenny. If you see me at your table you can call me Lenny. I sit alone. At the table I have no friends. I was born in Chicago on a cool September morning. It was a Sunday and the last day of summer. That suits me well; the last day of summer. It fits my general mood. My mystique. Some say I'm strange even eclectic. Some praise me for my sharp wit. Some, though very few, dislike me on a level that I really cannot understand. It's like an alpha dog syndrome, I think. Strategy came to my cradle. My life was blessed by two women whom loved cards, my Mother and my Grandmother on my father's side. At an early age I learned to play Gin, Rummy, and variations of Solitaire. Board games such as Stratego, Chess, Checkers and Battleship were a staples of my youth. I was introduced to poker when I was young. I have no recollection of exactly when. Five card draw was the game of choice around my house. Although I knew nothing of draw odds or outs, I loved the game just the same. I joined the Army after high school. There, in basic training,I learned to enjoy blackjack to pass the time. In AIT I learned some variations of low limit poker. Still I received no formal training or even considered such a thing. Life moved on, I bought guitars, drums, bass guitars, got in and out of several bands, one of which actually made a respectable run at fame. Work and family kept me centered through these times. Three children came to my life. I have had a failed marriage of eleven years and a successful one of twelve years and counting. Through it all there were two things that always intrigued me; strategy and competition. One day I was flipping through the channels on TV and lo and behold, there was the World Series of Poker. I watched in amazement as I saw the hole cards revealed in an unfamiliar variation of poker. "Wow," I thought, "There is a strategy to this game." Still I didn't get the whole picture, I didn't realize it at the time but I was missing some vital component to the game. Shortly after this discovery, an acquaintance of mine at work asked if I was familiar with the game of no-limit hold'em. "Of course!" I assured him, "been playing poker for years." True. Not true. Not like this. In August of 2004, my friend John invited me to his home to join in on a no limit game, thirty dollar buy in. I thought it was a little steep but I figured, what the hey, I'm an intelligent guy. Surely I got this covered, after all I had been watching it on the television. Wow. I had no idea. In retrospect, I think I played reasonably tight for a beginner, at least compared to some of the play I have witnessed through the following years. So what was I to do, I had to learn this game. I bought books. I joined online poker sites. On Party Poker I built a massive bankroll (for a beginner, $900) then lost it in a matter of weeks. I made trips to the brick and mortar casinos and dabbled in live games. I had a rudimentary understanding of the game, but I was at a standstill. Late 2006 I was looking at online poker news websites. PokerPages, I found, had a wealth of information on the world of poker and a lot of ads as well. One ad in particular caught my attention, pokerpages free play. Once I got in I found a tab called PSO. I couldn't stand being on the ouside of that glass wall. Something was going on behind it, and I was bound and determined to find out what it was. FREE TRIAL. Wow January 2006 - PSO, need I say more? For an old rocker, this is a great place to learn and play. I have made many good friends. Some I got to meet last year at Tunica. I look forward to meeting more in the future. For the past twenty months, the only thing I could find to fault PSO was the fact that there was no 'formal classes'. Tonight, while perusing the forums I found that a true course had been assembled for us. Yay. Step 14 said to create a personal blog to introduce yourself. Guess what you have been reading. That's right. This is my Step 14. I will be completing this first PSO course. I will be commenting on its effectiveness and I hope to be wanting of more, In closing I have an agenda. I play well. I am a winning player. I have holes that can be plugged. I am willing to learn. I am a rock. I sit alone at the tables. Yet here, in my oneness, I am many. I am surrounded by like minds, I am surrounded by friends. If you see me in a live game, my name is Lenny, If you see me at PSO, on the beautiful green virtual felt, you may call me Len. Good luck, we're going to need it. rockstar64