Hey guys,


Been a long time since I wrote a blog post, I've been active on the forums though, but this could help a few who struggle with BRM, so why not put this here.

So yeah, since I won the big spin last week, I've been trying out lots of games a losing lots of my winnings in the process, but that's okay. The same thing happened both times I won a 3 figure score in the past, so I'm not too worried about that.

Here's what my winnings look like so far this year :


Pretty looking graph, but it's not high enough

So yeah, here is my plan for the short future.

First, some BRM considerations. I've always been a nit BR wise, and that will not change. My BR rules will be very strict, but I will never be going broke with these rules.

100x buy-in : 45man, 90man, MTTs under or around 100 entries (cap games)

150x buy-in : 45 man turbos, 90 man turbos, 180 man, MTTs with more than 100 but less than 1000 entrants.

200x buy-in : 180 man turbos, MTTs over 1000, MTT turbos

So for example, I can play $2.50 180 man turbos, as long as I have over $500 in my bankroll. I adjust my rules to the increasing variance of turbos and bigger fields. I think it makes sense.

The next rule is also very important. The ratio of SNG MTTs vs big field MTTs must be 1:1 or better in favor of SNG MTTs. Smaller fields = less variance = less chances that downswings will last too long.

Having said all that, here is a list of MTTs I think have good value and I will try to play regularly :

- All turbo MTTs $0.55 and $0.82

- $1.35 turbo knockout

- 3h30PM EST 2.20 Euros 500 Euros Gtd

- 4h15PM $2.20 $1000 Gtd

- 5h00 PM $2.75 $1.5k Gtd

- All 3 $1.10s between 5h45PM and 7h00PM

- The Big $2.20

- The Big $4.40 (only if I satty in at a discount that follows my BR rules)

- FullTilt's 11h00PM $3.30 $500 Gtd (Super soft!)

- 11h00PM and 12h00PM, $2.20s with respectivly $750 and $600 Gtd (Very soft as well)

- $2.20 Sunday Storm satties (when they don't get cancelled for a lack of entrants)


So yeah, that pretty much sums up what I intend to do. I have also started a skype group so that I can share hand histories and experiences with fellow PSOers who are playing microMTTs like me.

The Plan starts today.

PS Bankroll : $527.82

FTP Bankroll : $95.26

Total BR : $623.08


If everything goes well I'd like to hit the $1k mark by the end of the year. It's ambitious but I know I can do it!

GL on the tables!