Well, that was an eventfull month for sure! I'll try to not make this too long but a lot happened this month. 


Let's start with the good. I made my first ever non skill league final table this Wednesday, playing a 1000 cap 1.10$ MTT. The time of the event (5:45 PM) and the 1000 cap make this event interesting for me because I can play it on weekdays and not finish too late. I ended at 11:30PM which was OK for a weekday when I work at 7:45AM the following morning. So the tourney itself went really well. I picked up a few monsters early to get a good stack, I made the bubble without having to worry. My stack got shorter as the final table bubble approached, but a few timely steals got me in. Now in the final table, I had the 2nd shortest stack, and the shortest was actually sitting out. I picked up QTo on the button, folded around to me, with a 12BB stack. It was an ICM shove according to my tracker, but in hindsight, with the sitout, and the pay jump between 9th and 8th place ($12 vs $20), maybe I should have waited for a better hand. Then again I wasn't playing for 8th place either, I was playing for the big money, so I'm not unhappy with my play.

Also, like I said earlier, I stopped playing the Premier League once I got enough points to garantee a $20 award. I ended the month in 436th place, which is pretty good for my first month in the League. 


Now, the bad. I realised last Thursday that I was sitting at 128 VPPs for the month, needing 150 to be eligible for the big cash in the Premier League. I also realised on Friday that November didn't have 31 days as I thought, and that the month ended on Saturday. What followed was a frantic Saturday night, long, not profitable sessions of Fifty50s and 2NL cash games. I was playing way off my A game, but I had to do it, because I wanted those 150VPPs very badly. So I ended up at 11h35PM, after a 300 hand cash game session, realizing that I hadn't played a big pot in the session and that I was still short of my target, sitting at 148.85. So in desperation I launched a 3.50 6max Turbo SNG at exactly 11:39PM. I learned two things : 1. VPPs are credited AFTER you bustout of an event, or after the event ends. And 2. The VPPs for the month are reset at EXACTLY 12:00AM on the first of the month. So, my SNG ending at 12:09AM, I did not make it, finishing the month at 148.85VPPs for November. Huge disapointment, since the $20 I hoped to win in the Premier League in December will now only be $2... So I will approach the Premier League differently this month, probably playing more events for the experience, as my goal is now merely not to be relegated (top 700). At least I finished 2nd in the 6max SNG to stop the bleeding for the night!


Finally, the ugly. Late last night, in my frantic race for 150VPPs, I had this beat in 2NL :

Pretty frustrating, as this was a $6 swing. I would have ended the month breaking even for cash games had the villain not hit his 4 outer. But, what are you gonna do... I'm not gonna lie, this was the worst episode of tilt I ever experienced. And I had to keep playing, needed the VPPs... not a good receipe!


All and all I had a losing month, down $7.45 in cash games, down $25.25 in tourneys but up $20 in the Premier League. So overall I'm down $12.60 for the month, but I did transfer a few winnings from 888 earlier in the month, and I also won a few stakes (thank you Grade B and Riverflat!) so my bankroll now sits at $69.91.


Goals for december :

- 150 VPPs. I will go back to playing Fifty50s, at least for the first week of the month with the golden Sit and Gos, and re-evaluate after the week. Maybe I will try different SNGs, 6max did seem like fun, I might play a few.

- Play at least 15000 cash game hands and have positive results.

- Stay in the Premier League

- Start a stake on the 6th (the day I will be allowed), playing 1.10 MTTs. It will probably be something like 25 or 30 tourneys, to be played in a month or a month and a half. 

- Have fun, and show y'all what I'm made of in the Big Bang in two weeks!


Until next time, have fun at the tables!

P.S. ArtySmokesPS (or someone else) : could I send you the stats I have so far in 2NL to see if you could spot any leaks?