Well, that was a swingy week for sure!

First, the goods. I made a deep run in the Premier League Saturday night, finishing 23rd out of 172. I am now sitting at 1601.76 pts. In the past 5 months 500th place has never been higher than 1592 pts, so I am good for a 20$ prize at the end of the month. I am gonna play it conservative and not play any league games for the rest of the month because even if I did, the next pay jump is at the 79th position, and looking at the previous months standings I would need roughly 1750 pts, and I don't think the risk of losing my 20$ is worth it. If I make the pts for 500th earlier in the month in December I might think about it, but for this month I'll take my 20$.

Tournament wise, I didn't play much other than league, because I rarely had time to play for long sessions that would allow me time for a deep run in a tournament. I played 45 player STGs and the 40 player STGs on 888. The 1$ 45 man are definately much tougher than the 40s on 888. I probably will be playing the 0.50 45s on Stars for now, until I start beating them, and than I'll go back up to the 1$.

Now, I did play a lot of FR 2nl ZOOM. It is much more swigny than the Fiffy50s for sure! I had pretty good results until Sunday, when I didn't win a single session and lost almost 2 buyins. But I do feel my game is improving, and I did analyse my stats on my tracker today and I know what I need to work on for this week :

- My flop CBet is a little bit too high. I need to analyse more the board texture and know when it's better to not CBet.

- My fold to CBet and fold to Flop Bet in general are too high. I need to work on that this week.

- Also, in general, I am leaving too much value on the table. I need to value bet more and get more value from my made hands.

Finally, my last blog won me a ticket for next months Big Bang, so I'm gonna try and make it worth it! I also won $1 in today's Very Easy All-in Shootout, that I didn't include in my results for the week. Had I won one more hand in the Shootout I would have made $8, but I'm not gonna complain on free money!


Overall it was a losing week, but the 20$ in waiting from the Premier League makes it feel less of a losing week.

Cash game results : +$5.85 in 6767 hands (4.17 BB/100)

Tournament results : -$10.21 in 29 tournaments on Stars

                                       -$0.12 in 3 tournaments on 888

Overall results : -$4.48

Bankroll : $63.68