Hi all!

So this is my first blog... ever! I don't quite know how to do this so here it goes!

So my first full month of playing poker online is under my belt. For those who read my forum posting, I started off by depositing 25$ and playing 3.50$ SNG (I had no idea about BR management). Of course what had to happen happened, I won some but then I almost lost it all, before deciding on October 10th to do this more seriously and intelligently. I've now been playing 1.50$ Fifty50s and MTT up to 1.10$ (with the occasional satellites for the Big 2.20$). The month ended in the green, including my downswings pre-october 10th, so I'm really stoaked that I had a winning month.

So here it is, my plan for the month of November.

I'm gonna keep playing Fifty50s, with a 40bb rule to up stakes. I will up stakes gradually, though, mixing 1.50 and 3.50 games when my BR permits it. In other words :

- BR < 80$ : 1.50 exclusively

- BR > 80$ : 1 X 3.50 Fifty50 for every 3 X 1.50 Fifty50 (average buy-in = 1 X 3.50 + 3 X 1.50 / 4 = 2 $)

- BR > 100$ 2 X 3.50 Fifty50 for every 2 X 3.50 Fifty50 (average buy-in = 2 X 3.50 + 2 X 3.50 / 4 = 2.50$)

And so on... I hope I'll be able to play at leat 300 of these games in the month.

I will also keep playing the 40 player 1$ SNG on 888 because I find these games VERY soft. I've played 25 of them so far (yes, I know it's still a small sample size) with a 69.92 ROI!


Other BR rules :

- transfer any cash over 20$ from 888 to Stars at the end of each week (20BI seems enough for the softness of these games)

- transfer the highest of 5% of winnings or 0.5% of total buyins each day in Euros. This account will be used either to stake better players or to take shots in higher buyin MTTs.


Oh! And I also made the Premier League for November. I have no idea what to expect, so for November my goal will be to merely not get relegated.


Finally, and knowing me I know this is gonna be the hardest thing, I'd like to not play poker at least one day a week, and I absolutely need to spend at least a few hours weekly analysing my game, maybe start posting tricky hands, and search the regs on tracking sites to try to avoid the winning regs (even if sometimes they're hard to avoid!).


Well, that's my plan for the month for now. Still need to figure out if and what I'm gonna play in the Micromillions, but that's gonna be for another blog!


Later guys!