Firstly i would like to apologise to those that were in the PSO league game with me last night, were i sat out the whole tourney.. Simple reason was i got a call after i had registered, (nan had stroke), so just rushed out door and left PC on.. SO sorry to all those that it affected, i was not thinking to go in and unregister from these at the time..

Anyways, moving on...

So we are now in the last week of October. My game has improved more than i expected to have in 1 month alone. Although there is a still a long way to go.. Especially with BRM and bad beats!

 I suffered a few days of bad beats losing over half my bankroll and was determined to make up for the losses in one afternoon, I increased my limits as my bankroll had dwindled so much, This in turn put me out of my depth and I lost the lot.. so not a great month really towards to end, but hey that poker and we all have our days I guess..

So my main target for this month is to be sensible and not play out my depth, with the main lesson to be learnt is, BRM and take it as a bad day with bad beats and forget about it, don’t take it to heart and try to recover it all at once, slowly build it up, with comfortable games, within my limits..
End of day, I enjoy poker, and not here to make a quick $.... long term enjoyment is for me, with a little extra cash along the way