I'm writing about Chris "moneymaker" video:


I think this video is great because if you are a starting poker player that means you have no experience playing high stakes. This video shows how people play and thinks in a highest level. Most of all I liked the mid pair by Cris. It helped me a lot to understand the value of the hand and not overestimate it. Of course it's not always easy to adapt the knowledge taken from video and put it into a tournament with 1$ B.I. But if you'll understand the concept of a "correct" play it will definitely help you thorough your gaming time.

Also great that such players like Cris "moneymaker" helps new players and shares his experience. Great that video is easy understandable and every detail is explained.

Watching videos like this is easiest way to learn, especially if you don't like to read a lot. And other advantage of poker videos is that you can watch them after a very short time it's release so the information is more up to date than most of the books. After analyzing such videos you can come back to your own hand history and make a review yourself. Learning from others is great but learning from your own mistakes helps you not to repeat them again.


p.s. sorry for my mistakes.